Particle filtration efficiency tester

Model: PW-PFE01A
Test Standard: ASTM F2299; ASTM F2100
Description Specifications
To detect the filtration efficiency of particles such as melt spray cloth, plane mask and three-dimensional mask filter material.
Product Feature
1. The latex ball generator is used to produce continuous and stable 0.1um particles.
2. American high-precision particle detection sensor is adopted for real-time detection.
3. Equipped with particle electrostatic charge neutralizing device.
4. It is equipped with high-precision pressure difference sensor to accurately test the resistance of samples.
5. Inch touch screen, simple and clear operation, operation interface in English and Chinese.
6. Pneumatic fixture, easy to install and change samples.
7. Silent vacuum pump.
8. High precision pressure gauge and flow control valve.
9. The micro printer can print detection data.
10. Intelligent configuration such as leakage protection, overload protection, power loss preservation, etc., effectively protect the safety of use.

1. Flow range :(20 ~ 150) L/min, accuracy 1%;
2. Detection range of filtration efficiency :(0.001-99.999) %;
3. Resistance range: 0~ 1000Pa;
4. Particle size :0.1~5.0um;
5. Particle dust source: latex ball;
6. Test area: 100cm2;
7. Power: AC220V 50Hz 1.2kW
8. Product size: about length * width * height (860mm*760mm*1680mm);