Mask respirator resistance tester

Model: PWR-200EN
Test Standard: European standard
Description Specifications
PWR-200EN Used to measure respirator resistance under specified conditions.
Product features

1. Support two test modes of breath and breath

2, high precision gas flow sensor, precise measurement of gas flow;

3. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, the operation is simple and clear;

5. Easy to install and change samples;

6, pumping, exhaust integrated silent vacuum pump, no external air source.

7, high precision pressure gauge and flow control valve, can adjust the gas flow.

8. The micro printer can print detection data.

9, leakage protection, overload protection, power saving and other intelligent configuration, effective protection and safe use.

Test form

Technical parameters

1. Gas flowmeter range: 0 ~ 200L/min, accuracy of 1%

2. Digital differential pressure gauge range: 0 ~ 1000Pa, accuracy of 0.5Pa

3. Pumping volume: ≥100L/min

4. Power rate: AC220V 50Hz / 1KW

5. Product size: about length * width * height (540*490*700mm)

Main configuration list

1. One host machine

2. One set of mask test fixture

3. One high-precision differential pressure sensor

4. One digital gas meter

5. One silent vacuum pump for pumping and exhaust