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  • YL-3315T1 Abrasion tester
YL-3315T1 Abrasion tester

YL-3315T1 Abrasion tester


    Classification:Textile & Leather Tester


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YL-3315T1  TABER Abrasion Tester is designed according to JIS, ASTM and relative standards. The main function is using specified grinding wheel with specified Load to rub the surface of specimen, and then evaluate the abrasion condition. The abrasion property could be indicated by measure the loss of weight, volume and thickness. This tester is suitable used for abrasion test to leather, fabric, paint, paper, floor brick, plywood, glass, natural rubber and so on.


Grinding Wheel: Diameter 2 inches, Width 1/2 inches
Betweencenters of Left & Right Grinding Wheels: 63.5mm
Betweencenters of Specimen Tray and Grinding Wheel: 38mm
Test Tray Rotating Speed: Use stepper motor, 1-100RPM, can set (default set value 60RPM)
Loading : 250g, 750g, 1000g (bare weight 250g, attached stainless steel weights 250g, 750g, adjustable)
 Counter : Electron liquid crystal display 8 digits, auto-stop.
Specimen Size: φ110mm, center hole φ7.5mm
Thickness : 1~6mm, soft and hard materials can be test
Specimen Clamping Block : Easy remove, as replacement wet abrasion test, ultra-thick specimen and other special test, used with specialized clampers (optional)
Accessories : 1pc of specimen slicer, 1pc of wrench, 10pcs of sand papers, 1pc of specimen clamping frame, 1pc of vacuum cleaner (optional)
Machine Dimension: 55×38×47cm
Machine Weight: 30kg  
Power : 1∮,AC220V, 10 A

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