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  • S3 Series Thermal Shock Tester
S3 Series Thermal Shock Tester

S3 Series Thermal Shock Tester

    Model:S3 Series

    Classification:High & Low Temperature Test Chamber


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This Tester is mainly test materials resistance in extremely high temperature or extremely low temperature.This situation is similar to non-continuously being low temperature or high temperature; thermal shock tester can make various products accomplish test in shortest time. Chemical change or physical injury made by heat shock is caused by thermal expansion and contraction change or other physical nature change; use TST system to achieve entire trust for various products. Effect of heat shock is including finished products cracked or broken layer, and electrochemical change caused by replacement. All-digital automatic control of TST system makes you easy and handy operation.


Model No.: S3-42-50C S3-80-50C S3-150-50C S3-252-50C
Interior Dimension (cm): 40×30×35 50×40×40 60×50×50 70×60×60
Exterior Dimension (cm): 162×200×142 172×200×147 182×210×157 192×220×167
Weight (Approx): 1000kg 1550kg 1680kg 1900kg


Temperature Range of Test Area: High temperature: +60℃~+150℃ Low temperature: -10℃ ~ -65℃ ( A : -45℃ B : -55℃ C : -65℃ )
High Temp. Area Heating Time: RT—200℃ approx 30min
Low Temp. Area Cooling time: RT—-70℃ approx 90min
Temp. Recover Time In 5min
Temp. Stability: ±0.2℃
Insulation Material : Thermostability, high density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation material
  System: P.I.D+S.S.R+ microcomputer balance thermostat control system
Refrigeration System: Semi-sealing two-stage compressor (water-cooling style)
Protection Device: Breaker, compressor high & low pressure protection switch, refrigerant pressure protection switch, failure warning system, electronic siren
Accessories: 2pcs of upper and lower adjustable interlayer 
  Power: 3Φ220VAC±10% 50/60Hz & 3Φ 380V/415VAC±10% 50Hz

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