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Common Problem

Vigilant the cheap traps to avoid being cheated

As the saying goes, "the good stuff is not cheap, cheap stuff is not good", this sentence apply to any industry and any sales. Consumer should Vigilant the cheap traps to avoid being cheated, when purchase the tensile testing machine.

Most consumers hope to purchase the tensile tester with a low price. While for the suppliers, low price strategy often become everyone's unique skill when facing the fierce competition from counterparts, especially in some suppliers malicious competition. On the surface, the consumers get benefit, but not the truth. Keep in mind that there is no free lunch. There are several reasons:

First, low price means the materials, accessories,workmanship and quality of the product naturally can not be guaranteed. In order to reduce the cost of production, the quality will be compromised.

Second, as for the after-sales service. The normal price will consider future after-sales service, while the low price can not be fully guaranteed.

Yuelian instruments remind the consumers treat the price rationally, do not pay too much attention on the price, comprehensive consider the product quality, market reputation, after-sales service of the supplier will be better. If the price gap is too great, consumers should be treated with caution to avoid be cheated.

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