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The precautions of Vacuum oven

1.The inside temperature of the oven will rise to very high when using the machine, so the inflammable and explosive materials, flammable and volatile chemicals do not allowed to put in the oven.

2.If there is abnormal smell and smoke when using the machine, please shut off the power supply immediately, and notify the Repair department to do profession repair.( The initial period of using the machine, if there is small smell and smoke, it belongs to normal phenomenon, please observe several times, if this phenomenon continued, please contact our customer service center for consultation.)

3. The inner container and the surface of the oven should wipe to keep clean regularly. Please do not use the acid, alkali or other corrosive solutions to wipe the surface of the oven.

4. If long-term not use the oven, please cut off the power, and regular (usually a quarter) running the machine 2-3 days according to the instruction to get rid of the electrical part of the tidal to avoid damage.


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