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Common Problem

The characteristics and maintenance considerations of high and low temperature test chamber

The test chamber simulating the natural changes in the environment of high and low temperature, widely used in electronics, electric products and other product components materials, mainly test temperature adaptability in the use of storage and transportation process. Especially for the changes in electrical properties and mechanical properties.


  • 1. The temperature controller of the chamber used imported instruments with PID regulator, SSR output, fast self-setting, digital display, easy reading.
  • 2. The door , chamber and shell has a high temperature seal and clamping device, which can guarantee the sealing and insulation properties of the chamber.
  • 3. The test chamber and shelves are stainless steel, the outer of the carbon dioxide incubator made by high-quality cold-rolled plate spray with beautiful appearance.
  • 4. With over temperature protection, control circuit overload protection and short circuit protection, the machine is safe and reliable.
  • 5. Refrigeration system used in the original French "Taikang" closed compressor, to ensure that the low-temperature stability of the test chamber.The maintenance considerations

The maintenance considerations

The daily maintenance and simple test of the main technical indicators of the test chamber, can insure the machine work in best situation. So the maintenance of the test chamber need pay attention to the followings:

  • 1. The temperature and humidity is an important factor influence the performance of the instrument, which can cause mechanical parts of the corrosion, the metal mirror finish down, or mechanical part of the error or slow performance, even cause the test chamber optical components such as grating, thermostatic incubator mirror, focusing mirror, aluminum film rust, produce light energy shortage, stray light, noise, etc., also the machine stop working. Thus influence the life of the machine, so it should do regular maintenance to correction.
  • 2. The dust and corrosive gas in the chamber also influence mechanical system flexibility and reduce all kinds of limit switches, buttons, photoelectric coupling reliability, it’s one of the reason for the corrosion of aluminum film.
  • 3.After using a period, the inner of the chamber will accumulate a certain amount of dust. The engineers should clean the inner and the optical box sealing window, retighten the radiator of the heating elements. Even carry on the calibration, when necessary. Finally, restore the chamber to original state, and do some necessary detection, tracking and recording.


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