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Temperature and humidity test chamber operation cautions

Temperature and humidity test chamber is a equipment, designed by simulating the natural environment. Mainly used to test the performance of the equipment in a variety of environment, and test the material's performance, such as the heat-resistant, cold-resistant, resistant to dry and humidity-resistance. Here, Yuelian will introduce some operation cautions. In order to avoid accident, the operator should keep the followings in mind when operating.

Temperature and humidity test chamber operation cautions

  • 1. To avoid electric shock or malfunction, please do not connect the power before the end of installation and wiring.
  • 2.  Please do not open the door when the machine working, because the high temperature may cause burns, the low temperature will cause cold injury, even cause the evaporator freeze and influence the cooling. If must open the door, please do protection work.
  • 3. Please keep the air vent of the machine open, to avoid malfunction, abnormal movements, lower life expectancy and fire
  • 4. Please be careful not let the dust, lint, iron filings, and other things into the machine when installation, or it may cause malfunction.
  • 5. Please check the screws and supporting structure regularly, and do not use the machine when it loose.
  • 6. Before modify settings, signal output, starting, stop and other operations, please adequately consider the safety when the machine is working, because the wrong operation may cause damage and malfunction to the machine.
  • 7. Please do not use the machine, if found it damage or deformation when unpacking.
  • 8. Please install the power terminal cover in the terminal board to prevent electric shock, when the machine working.
  • 9. Please clean the machine with dry cloth, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents. Please stop using the machine, otherwise there is a leakage, electric shock or fire hazard, if the machine immersed in water.
  • 10. Please connect the wire grounded, otherwise may cause electric shock, malfunction, abnormal display and large error of measuring.
  • 11. The inner parts have a life span, please regular service and maintenance for continued safe use. Please according to the industrial waste disposal, when scrap the machine.
  • 12. Prohibit unauthorized disassembly, processing, remold or repair the machine, or it may cause malfunction, electric shock and fire.
  • 13. The machine is a non-explosion product, so please do not use it in a environment of flammable or explosive gases.
  • 14. Please check the power is stable or not, before turning on.
  • 15. Please sure the power supply within the rated voltage range, in order to avoid the failure occurs.

Temperature and humidity test chamber

Temperature and humidity test chamber


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